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1) Join us for Davening on Pesach

We will be very happy to welcome visitors to Jerusalem on Pesach – please join us for Davening on יום טוב or חול המועד.

Shacharis on חול המועד is at 7:30 AM, Mincho is at 6:50 PM, followed by a shiur, and Ma'ariv.

Please click here for the list of shiurim.

The location is 73 Nof Ramot (Wallenstein). Please call 052-761-1890 for directions, or click here.

For a detailed timetable, please click here.


2) Droshas Shabbos Hagodol

The Rov's Drosho, including the special Dinnim this year that the first day of Passover falls on a Shabbos, and about eating Kitniyous and Chometz on Isru Chag when it falls on Shabbos (the way it is this year in EY), has been uploaded to the site, and can be found here.

To get the Rov's shiurim weekly by email, please reply to this email requesting them.


3) Mazal Tov

Mazal tov to R' and Mrs. Dovid Pakter on the wedding of their son.


Baut Gut

1) Making of a Chover

On the past Shabbos, Parshas Tetzaveh (זכור), R' Chayim Shmueli was made a Chover. After Chazoras Hashatz of Shacharis, Moreinu Harav spoke about the reason Talmidei Chachomim are called Chaverim, and about the idea of giving a title of Chover to people. He mentioned that Rav Shmueli is a Talmid Chochom, our Ba'al Koreh, and extremely devoted to the Kehilloh. Next, KAYJ's choir sung the majestic Boruch Habo of Epstein, and then R' Chayim Shmueli came up to the Rov, and received the Ksav Chaverus from the Rov. This was the first time the title Chover was given in KAYJ, and it was also the first time it was awarded in one of the Machon Moreshes Ashkenaz-affiliated shuls.

2) New web site status

Construction of the new web site is proceeding well.  Besides the Nusach Project, which was there when the new site was launched, the Schedule and the News sections have been completed.  We hope to have the Forum up soon.

The web site of Machon Moreshes Ashkenaz is also undergoing renovations; their new site is located at and has some interesting, new material.


3) Change of time on Purim day

There has been a change in the time of Shacharis on the day of Purim (Friday), and it will be at 5:20 (Vosikin) instead of 7:00.

The rest of the times stay without any change.


4) Davening on Ta'anis Ester and Purim

We will be very happy to welcome visitors to Jerusalem this week – please join us for Davening on Ta'anis Ester and/or Purim.

On Wednesday (תענית אסתר), Shacharis is at 6:30, Mincho is at 5:00 and Ma'ariv is at 5:58.

On Thursay evening (שושן פורים), Mincho is at 5:27, Arvis and Megilloh reading is at 6:15, and on Friday Shacharis and Megilloh reading is at 5:20. Both at the night and the day the Megilloh reading will be done by R' Sholom Meir Erlanger.

The location is 73 Nof Ramot (Wallenstein). Please call 052-761-1890 for directions, or click here. For the detailed timetable click here.


5) Mazal Tov

Mazal Tov to R' and Mrs. Aryeh Kahn for bringing a wimpel to shul last Shabbos (Tetzaveh).

1) Thank you to R' Eliyohu Goldberg, and the starting of a new site:

After 5 years that R' Eliyohu Goldberg and have been running our site at, we would like to thank R' Eliyohu deeply for all of the many hours of work he and his staff put into the site, and all of the resources he invested to make it and run it.

This work was done without expecting any return, sometimes at late hours and sometimes at short notice, with a lot of patience and care, just because of the importance R' Eliyohu saw to the preservation of Minhogei Ashkenaz, and as an act of Zikui Horabim.

Tehi Maskurto Shleimo Me'im Hashem!

Our site from has moved to The Nusach Project has already been made available at its new location. The rest of the web site is expected to be set up soon.

2) Mazel Tov:

Mazel Tov to R' and Mrs. Dovid Pakter on the engagement of their son.
Mazel Tov to Rav and Mrs. Don Ison on the engagement of their daughter.
Mazel Tov to R' and Mrs. Chayim Shmueli on the engagement of two granddaughters.

We regret to inform you of the petiro of Professor (Moshe) Gerald M. Friedman, the grandfather of R' Michael Friedman.  The levayo will take place tomorrow Wed. Nov. 30, starting before 9:30 A.M. at Parkside Memorial Chapels 98-60 Queens Boulevard Forest Hills, NY 11374 (718) 896-9000.  Michael will be coming to the USA to join his family.  His relatives will be sitting shivo at his aunt Judy Rosen's Forest Hills, NY.

Prof. Friedman was a staunch supporter of the KAYJ Bais Ashkenaz building project.

Y'hi zichro baruch...