1. 8 Year anniversary of K'hal Adas Yeshurun Jerusalem

Shabbos Vayishlach marked the 8th year anniversary of KAYJ. On Friday night, the shul was packed with many shul members and our choir sung Tov Lehodos LaHashem, and Yigdal. Between Kabbolos Shabbos and Arvis.  Moreinu Harav Gans, shlit'a spoke about the importance of the yearly cycle in Chazal and the Midrashim (to explain the importance of the anniversary), and then emphasized the importance of having a shul with Kedushas Beis Kneses (not "Al Tnai") and dealt with the status of a temporary makom tefilla according to halocho. The summary of the drosho can be sent upon request.

2. On-air interview in "Mamash Radio" available for download

KAYJ's chazzan R. Michael Friedman was interviewed two weeks ago by New York Jewish radio host Dovid Gertel.  The conversation touched on the history of choirs, innovation in yekkish music (!?!) and the exciting growth and building project of KAYJ.  Several tracks from the recently released cd M'dor l'dor: Even Moasu including "Tzaddik KaTamar" and "Zacharti Lach" by Lewandowski were played on the show as well as "Yigdal Elokim Chai."  Even Moasu, which features favorites of the Ashkenaz beis knesses,  is the second offering in the  M'dor l'dor series after the KAYJ choir's first cd Mazal Tov, that presented the classic melodies of chuppas in Ashkenaz.  The show can be downloaded in MP3 format from this link.

3. KAYJ Digital Nusach Frankfurt project-Chanukah

We are happy to inform our newsgroup that the Chanukah files (including the melody for Shnei Zeisim, Brochos of candle lighting etc.) are already up on the site and can be accessed at (www.kayj.org/nusachproject.html) [www.kayj.net/nusach].

4. Mazal Tov

Mazal Tov to R' Yeshayhu Schneller on the engagement of his son Re'uven Gedalyah. The wedding will take place IY'H on Sunday 11 Adar Alef (17th of February). Our tzibbur thanks R' Yeshayhu for his special devotion to the shul. Vechol Ho'oskim Betzorchei Tzibur Be'emunoh.