1) Last Shabbos (Parshas Shlach), Harav B. Hamburger spent Shabbos at KAYJ to the delight of our mispallelim and neighbors who came out of curiosity. He spoke in shul between Kabbolas Shabbos and Ma'ariv, and mentioned that Harav Shimon Schwab ZTL instructed him that the new Ashkenaz shuls in Eretz Yisro'el should try to re-establish the pre-Holocaust minhogim of Frankfurt . In order to do this he needed the help of living connections to the Frankfurt Kehillo. Two of these people passed away last week. The first was Mr. Ya'akov Bar Or (Breuer) who recorded many melodies and passed on many minhogim (examples brought - Hollekreisch, melody of Av horachamim, and the minhogim of Seifer Aftartoh). The second was Mr. Gavri'el Eric Freudenstein (from Riverdale), who loved our mesouroh so much, and gave plenty of information on minhogim (example brought - the different minhogim of washing the hands of the couhanim before Birkas Couhanim). Shet'hei nishmosom tzruroh bitzrour hachayim. Rav Hamburger concluded that KAYJ is a live continuation of the mesouroh they passed on.

Next Rav Hamburger talked about the special zchus we have in KAYJ, that Harav Yehudoh Gans Shlito has been inagurated to be the shul's Rov. Rav Hamburger talked about the importance of having a Rov in the shul, and tied it with the minhog of saying Mi shebeirach (while reading the Seifer Touroh).
This last part of the shiur, will be sent (in Hebrew) to those who will request it (write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

2) The Shabbos shiurim of Harav Gans are available for the public in the announcements section in this forum, and can be seen at this link.

3) KAYJ's website, kayj.org [kayj.net], has a few new features that have been added. The front page now has a short description about the Kehillo. Another new feature is the detailed minyon timetable that now can be accessed in the minyonim page (www.kayj.org/minyanim.html) [www.kayj.net/schedule]. Many many thanks to R' Eliyohu Goldberg for his efforts.

We would like to thank Prof. Yisroel Aumann who put in the efforts to make sure the transliteration on KAYJ's publications is correct. We appreciate very much all of the time he put in.

Mazel Tov
Mazel tov to Harav Gans Shlito, for bringing his son's wimpel to shul.
Mazel Tov to R' Pinchos Sternfeld and his wife, on the birth of his first son. Mazel tov also to the grandparents, R' Michoel Kernberg and his wife.
Mazel Tov to R' Yitzchok Shmueli, for bringing his son's wimpel to shul.
Mazel Tov to R' Chaim Shmueli and his wife, on the birth of their grandchildren.

Refuoh shleimoh to Danny Verdoner, Doniel ben Leoh בתוך שאר חולי ישראל.