1. R. and Mrs Michael Friedman are happy to invite the children of KAYJ to the Chol Kreisch of their daughter, which will take place this Shabbos after Shacharis, at 10:45 AM, in their house, Telalim 24 flat #17. The children will leave from shul at 10:30, and will be brought back around 11:15

2. Video of KAYJ Choir at 10th Anniversary Melaveh Malka singing Lewandowski's "Tov Lehodos and Tsadik KaTomor"
Please click here. For Mah Tovu please click here.

3. Rav Binyomin Shlomo Hamburger, shlita to visit Mid-Atlantic and Tri-State region of USA
The Ashkenazic Jewish tradition is the cumulative product of two
millennia of brilliant scholars and dedicated community leaders.
By publishing seforim explaining the solid halachic foundations of
the minhag and establishing new batei knessios, Machon Moreshes
Ashkenaz is revitalizing the spiritual treasures of German Jewry.
The Machon has accompanied KAYJ from its first steps to itws current
dynamic functioning and we owe it a deep debt of gratitude.

Rav Binyamin Shlomo Hamburgerשליט"א has made his life's work collecting, archiving and publishing materials pertaining to Ashkenazic Jewry’s historic, halachic and musical traditions. Born in Switzerland and raised in Bnei Brak, he founded the Machon Moreshes Ashkenaz (Institute for German Jewish Heritage) in 1985. He has authored the widely-acclaimed series Shorshei Minhag Ashkenaz, edited the annual Yerushoseinu and recently released an updated and expanded edition of Meshichei Sheker u’Misnagdeihem. He is currently concluding a monumental study of German-Jewish yeshivos highlighting the Yeshiva of Fürth.

Rav Hamburger will be visiting the East Coast of the USA from Jan 8-20 and B’H many kehillos and yeshivos have invited him to speak b’kovod gadol. We are sure that if you enjoy the learning and growth opportunities that KAYJ offers, you will want to make every effort to see and meet Rav Hamburger when he arrives to a beis medrash near you!

Partial schedule of planned events, be”H

Shabbos parashas Shemos, January 8-9 - Baltimore (Kehillas Ashkenaz, Congregation Shomrei Emunah).
Sunday, January 10 – Silver Spring-Yeshiva of Greater Washington day
Baltimore – Congregation Shearith Israel. evening
Monday, January 11 - Philadelphia - Lower Merion Synagogue.
Tuesday, January 12 - Lakewood – R. Nosson Hershberg's shul..
**Wednesday, January 13 - Lakewood - family Chasuna.
**Thursday, January 14 (day) - Lakewood family Sheva Brochos.
Shabbos parshas Va’era, January 15-16 - Riverdale Jewish Center.
Motza’ei Shabbos, January 16 – Five Towns, NY Young Israel of Wavecrest
Sunday, January 17 – Monsey, NY Congregation Bais Torah, morning.
Bronx, NY, Riverdale Jewish Center, evening.
Monday, January 18 - Passaic, NJ – Congregation Ahavas Israel.
Tuesday, January 19 Elizabeth, NJ - JEC. Elmora Ave Shul