1) Join us for Davening on Pesach

We will be very happy to welcome visitors to Jerusalem on Pesach – please join us for Davening on יום טוב or חול המועד.

Shacharis on חול המועד is at 7:30 AM, Mincho is at 6:50 PM, followed by a shiur, and Ma'ariv.

Please click here for the list of shiurim.

The location is 73 Nof Ramot (Wallenstein). Please call 052-761-1890 for directions, or click here.

For a detailed timetable, please click here.


2) Droshas Shabbos Hagodol

The Rov's Drosho, including the special Dinnim this year that the first day of Passover falls on a Shabbos, and about eating Kitniyous and Chometz on Isru Chag when it falls on Shabbos (the way it is this year in EY), has been uploaded to the site, and can be found here.

To get the Rov's shiurim weekly by email, please reply to this email requesting them.


3) Mazal Tov

Mazal tov to R' and Mrs. Dovid Pakter on the wedding of their son.


Baut Gut