1) Shiurim on פסח:

To conclude the wonderful and uplifting days of the Yomim Touvim, with wonderful shiurim and special Tefillos, please see beneath a summary of the shiurim we had (on שבת and יום טוב).

We will be happy to send the full shiurim (in Hebrew) by request, via email.
On the first night of פסח, Moreinu Harav Yisroel Gans (our Rov's father) spoke about the two מצוות in Leil Haseider - to show to others that we came out of Eygpt (להראות עצמו כאילו יצא ממצרים) and to see oneself as if he came out of Eygpt (לראות עצמו כאילו יצא ממצרים). the first Mitzvoh is until חצות, and the second is until the morning.

On the last night of פסח, Rav Shlomo Fischer spoke about the two different types of Hallel - 1) Hallel as a song, said on the Seider night 2) chanting the Hallel as done usually, standing up, without stops etc. He pointed out that the difference is dependent on one's purpose. If one aims to thank as a son to his father, he then sings out the Hallel without any borders. If the tenor is as a slave to his master, then he chants the Hallel in its fixed text. He explained why we don't say Hallel on the 7th day of פסח, (only a partial Hallel, which is a Minhag) and why the laining continues until "כי אני ה' רופאך".

On Friday night, our Rov, Moreinu Harav Yehudoh Gans shlit'o, spoke about eating Chomeitz or קטניות on Shabbos in Eretz Yisroel. The Rov discussed if there is a problem of Muktzeh since one couldn't eat it at בין השמשות, when Shabbos entered. He cited the different sources to this discussion and the halachic conclusion.


2) Mazal Tov:
Mazal Tov to R' and Mrs. Michoel Kernberg, on the birth of their granddaughter.


3) מתנת יד and יזכור:
The מתנת יד and יזכור money (which goes to עניים או לומדי תורה בירושלים as said in the Nusach), one can give the Gabboim at KAYJ, or donate through our site at: